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weboob 0.3 released

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Weboob 0.3 (2010-11-01)
* New backend: LCL (CapBank) -- unfinished.
* New backend: OuiFM (CapRadio).
* New backend: Newsfeed (CapMessages).
* New backend: Redmine (CapContent).
* New application: radioob (CapRadio).
* New application: webcontentedit (CapContent).
* New application: boobank-munin is a plugin for munin (CapBank).
* New tests.
* New global parameter --logging-file to log into a file instead of
* Logging is now colorized when printed on stdout (depending on level).
Console Applications
* Formatters management have been rewritten. Now each command can set its
own default formatter, and user can redefine them.
* If output exceed the height of term, ask user to press a key for each
* Do not display columns when all of these values are NotLoaded or
* Add a CSV formatter (#350).
* Command 'backends register' to register a new account (#294).
* Can use '$full' and '$direct' selectors.
Backend: Arte
* Fix: fall-back when the wanted quality is not available.
Backend: AuM
* New anti-spam feature to detect, block and report spambots (#313).
* Implements the capability CapAccount to register new accounts (#389).
* In profile walker, when reloading sluts list from search page, do not
keep the previous queue to prevent visiting sluts who have been added
a long time before and who are now disconnected.
* Contact status is now 'connected'/'not connected since ... hours'.
* Fix: do not crash if contact list is empty.
Backend: BNPorc
* If password is expired, switch with the value of the new
'rotating_password' backend setting.
* Support transfers (#416).
* Fix: don't crash when accounts don't support 'coming' (#401).
* Fix: when website is not available, raise BrowserUnavailable instead of
Backend: DLFP
* Replace 'cite>' and 'tt>' to 'i>' in read messages.
Application: boobank
* Use 'table' as default formatter.
* Output for the 'list' command is more readable (#410).
* When a transfer is made, display all information instead of ID.
* Fix: do not load backends twice (#405).
Application: QBoobMsg
* Support threads display and answers.
* Support sending answers (plaintext or HTML).
* Unread messages are in yellow in list, and set message as read when
one is selected.
* Fix: correctly reload when backends have been changed.
Application: QHaveSex
* Ability to display a profile from URL.
Application: QVideoob
* Fix: search on youtube was unlimited, so QVideoob freezed.
Application: traveloob
* Use 'table' as default formatter.
Application: videoob
* Output for the 'search' command is more readable.
Application: weboob-config
* Add a 'register' command (#294).
Application: weboob-config-qt
* Add a 'Register' button to register a new account on a backend (#390).
Application: weboorrents
* Output for the 'search' and 'info' commands is more readable.
* Weboob.load_backends() takes a new 'errors' argument.
* CapBaseObject has a new method 'add_field' to add a field property which
forces a specific type and is set to NotLoaded by default.
* Browser.readurl() can take same arguments than Browser.openurl().
* If a page is not recognized by the Browser instance, save response even
if -a is not supplied.
* Introduce 'Value' classes to replace BaseBackend.ConfigField and is
used by ReplApplication.ask().
* Use several loggers for parts of weboob.
* Fix: crash when HTTP server returns shit (#406).
Weboob 0.2 (2010-10-01)
* Backend 'yweather' renamed to 'yahoo'.
* New capability: ICapGeolocIp to geolocalise IP addresses.
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