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Weboob 0.7 released

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Weboob 0.7 (2011-04-01)
* New backend: Dailymotion (CapVideo).
* New backend: Ecrans (CapMessages).
* Now compatible with Windows (is it really a good news? :)).
Console applications
* Do not print escape characters (like bold) when using -O.
Backend: AuM
* Fix: parsing of smileys (#532).
* Fix: new page (#535).
Backend: BP
* Fix: parsing of accounts is case there are missing sections.
Backend: CreditMutuel
* Compatibility with other agencies (#550).
Backend: DLFP
* Ability to plusse/moinse contents.
* Ability to tag a content.
* Support the board.
* Support comments signatures.
* Support wiki, forums, polls, tracker.
* Now implements CapContent to edit wiki.
Backend: FourChan
* All messages are children of thread.
Backend: Inrocks
* Add support of 'InrocksTV' pages.
Backend: IpInfoDB
* Fix: crash when lat/long are empty (#585).
Backend: LCL
* Fix login, and implement CapBank methods.
Backend: Newsfeed
* Fix: correctly set the UNREAD flag.
Backend: Orange
* Fix: posting messages (#614).
Backend: Redmine
* Fix: support project names with '-' in.
Backend: Transilien
* Fix: don't keep previous results.
* Change user-agent of browser and use HTTPS (#580,#583).
Backend: Youjizz
* Fix: crash when duration is not available.
Backend: Youtube
* Now correctly handle gdata errors.
* Fix: get video from page URL.
* Fix: get file URL of video.
Application: boobmsg
* New command 'export_all'.
* New xhtml formatter.
Application: masstransit
* Works without conic or hildon (#562).
* Add banner on load.
Application: QWebContentEdit
* Better errors management.
Application: videoob
* New command 'download'.
Application: webcontentedit
* Set a default editor (#557).
* Split of ReplApplication to create ConsoleApplication.
* Remove the 'refresh' feature from Browser (to prevent unwanted
behaviors like freezes).
* Browser has upgraded Firefox from 3.0.3 to 3.6.13.
* Browser doesn't retry on 404 errors.
* Script to generate Sphinx API documentation.
Weboob 0.6 (2011-03-01)
* New backend: Inrocks (CapMessages).
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