Commit 3665fc3f authored by Bezleputh's avatar Bezleputh Committed by hydrargyrum
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[750g] get recipe from full url

parent cfea89f1
......@@ -37,8 +37,10 @@ class SevenFiftyGramsBrowser(PagesBrowser):
def iter_recipes(self, pattern):
return'utf-8')), page=1).iter_recipes()
def get_recipe(self, id, recipe=None):
def get_recipe(self, url, recipe=None):
assert self.recipe.is_here()
return self.get_recipe_content(recipe)
def get_comments(self, id):
......@@ -31,4 +31,3 @@ def test_recipe(self):
self.assertTrue(full_recipe.instructions, 'No instructions for %s' %
self.assertTrue(full_recipe.ingredients, 'No ingredients for %s' %
self.assertTrue(full_recipe.title, 'No title for %s' %
self.assertTrue(full_recipe.preparation_time, 'No preparation time for %s' %
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