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Weboob 0.8 released

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Weboob 0.8 (2011-05-08)
* New backend: E-Hentai (CapGallery).
* New backend: FranceInter (CapRadio).
* New backend: LeMouv (CapRadio).
* New backend: PasteALaCon (CapPaste).
* New backend: PasteBin (CapPaste).
* New application: Boobathon (CapContent).
* New application: Galleroob (CapGallery).
* New application: Pastoob (CapPaste).
* Fix lot of unicode problems.
* License changed to AGPLv3+.
* FreeBSD support.
Repl applications
* The new CapCollection capability is supported by every REPL
Application. At the moment, only few backends implement it.
* Better messages and return codes in applications.
Backend: AdopteUnMec
* Fix: website changes (#508,#637,#638,#639).
Backend: BNPorc
* The 'rotating_password' parameter is now an hidden one (#627).
* Ability to do transfers to external recipients.
Backend: BP
* Add 'comptes titres', 'comptes vies' and 'comptes retraites' to the
list of accounts (#567).
* Fix: website changes (#621).
Backend: CanalPlus
* Implement the new CapCollection capability.
Backend: CrAgr
* Support of a new history layout.
* Fix: login issues with the Toulouse website (#629).
Backend: Dailymotion
* Fix: URL was not found in special cases.
Backend: FourChan
* Fix: support message "AMERICA FUCK YEAH" outside of a thread.
Backend: Gazelle
* Fix: work with broken gazelle websites.
Backend: Inrocks
* Fix: matching URLs.
Backend: KickAss
* Several fixes and enhancements (#651).
Backend: LCL
* Fix: websites changes.
Backend: OuiFM
* Implements the new CapCollection capability.
Backend: Transilien
* Add the PAA code for Gare de Lyon.
Backend: Youtube
* Support more URLs.
Backend: Youporn
* Correctly set the 'ext' attribute on videos.
Application: monboob
* Check configuration (#484).
Application: weboob-config
* New commands 'enable' and 'disable'.
* Use lowercase http_proxy environment variable.
* select() function has been moved into parser.
* Support for xpath in
* Fragments are removed from URLs (#636).
* Remove a hack from feedparser which fixes parsing of webpages with
recent versions of this library.
* Also log redirects when saving responses and debugging (#398).
Weboob 0.7 (2011-04-01)
* New backend: Dailymotion (CapVideo).
......@@ -54,7 +54,7 @@ def format_dict(self, item):
class Galleroob(ReplApplication):
APPNAME = 'galleroob'
VERSION = '0.8'
COPYTIGHT = 'Copyright(C) 2011 Noé Rubinstein'
COPYRIGHT = 'Copyright(C) 2011 Noé Rubinstein'
DESCRIPTION = 'galleroob browses and downloads web image galleries'
CAPS = ICapGallery
EXTRA_FORMATTERS = {'gallery_list': GalleryListFormatter}
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