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weboob 0.4 released

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Weboob 0.4 (2010-12-01)
* New backend: Bouygues (CapMessagesPost).
* New backend: CanalPlus (CapVideo).
* New backend: CreditMutuel (CapBank).
* New backend: IPInfoDB (CapGeolocIp).
* New backend: IsoHunt (CapTorrent).
* New backend: KickAss (CapTorrent).
* New backend: PirateBay (CapTorrent).
* New backend: SFR (CapMessagesPost).
* New backend: SocieteGenerale (CapBank).
* New application: boobmsg (CapMessages, CapMessagesPost).
Console applications:
* New command 'inspect' to open a graphical webkit browser with the
current page (to help debugging). If it is not available, the page
source is displayed on stdout.
* In question prompts, display a bullet list when there are too many
* The --save-responses (-a) parameter stores now pages in a directory
and save here a debug log and a list of visited URLs associated to the
* Fix unicode issues (#436).
Backend: AuM:
* Do not send baskets messages from left sluts.
* Anti-spam is updated.
* Raise an error when user is banned.
* New optimization PRIORITY_CONNECTION to create fake godchilds to allow
user access to website between 18h and 1h. (#319)
* New optimization QUERIES_QUEUE to enqueue queries in case no charms are
* New backend parameter 'baskets' to enable getting baskets messages.
* In profiles, look for hidden photos.
Backend: BNPorc
* Fix: display of coming operations.
* Fix: check if the password rotation has been succeed.
Backend: BP
* Backend has been rewritten to use BaseBrowser (#422).
* Fix: backend initialization.
* Fix: parsing of accounts.
* Fix: handle of transfers errors.
Backend: CrAgr
* Support of history operations.
* Support monay transfers.
* Choose the agency website in a list instead of giving URL.
Backend: DLFP
* Store datetime from newsfeed in the Thread object (#419).
* Now the session is closed at deinit.
* Fix: when posting a comment, send right parameters to immediately
display it.
Backend: GeolocIP
* Use the website instead of It
prevents authentication and limits.
Backend: INA
* Fix: parsing date, duration and title.
Application: boobank-munin
* Save cache in .weboob/munin/ and handle errors.
* New option 'boobank_cumulate' to display graph as areas instead of
Application: havesex
* The optimizations management has been rewritten.
* New command 'query' to send a query to a contact (like a charm or a
* Fix: do not exist after displaying a profile in interactive mode.
Application: monboob
* New option to pipe mails to an external process instead of sending it
to a SMTP server.
* Fix: when domain in In-Reply-To contains a '@'.
* Fix: parsing incoming mails when no charset is supplied.
* Fix: unicode issues.
Application: QHaveSex
* Display URL of contacts.
* Contacts list is now sorted.
* Have a photos caroussel on profile page.
Application: weboob-config
* New command 'confirm'. It takes an email in stdin and call corresponding
backend to go on the confirm address. It is useful to automatically
confirm account register.
Application: weboorrents
* Ability to complete paths.
* The 'repeat' scheduler has been rewritten.
* Ability to cancel a scheduled task.
* Fix parsing of path-like in INI config.
* Conditions are now treated by BackendsCall instead by formatters (#372).
* Backends name can now contain only letters and digits.
* Add a tool to generate manpages.
Weboob 0.3 (2010-11-01)
* New backend: LCL (CapBank) -- unfinished.
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