Commit 219b6aba authored by hydrargyrum's avatar hydrargyrum
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tools/stable_backport: weboob.capabilities.housing is a manual port

74a67674 added housing capability manual
port file, but didn't declare it, so it was unused.

Also, keep non-exported imports unchanged.
parent bf2c2775
......@@ -44,6 +44,7 @@ def create_compat_dir(name):
from weboob.capabilities.housing import *
import as OLD
# can't import *, __all__ is incomplete...
for attr in dir(OLD):
globals()[attr] = getattr(OLD, attr)
__all__ = OLD.__all__
ENERGY_CLASS = enum(A=u'A', B=u'B', C=u'C', D=u'D', E=u'E', F=u'F', G=u'G')
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