Commit 0846a05c authored by Damien Mat's avatar Damien Mat Committed by hydrargyrum
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[arkeabanqueprivee] fixed PEA account number not returned

Accounts may have a user-entered label, the account types dict must take "p.e.a." wording in case the client choses that
Then, iter_account will properly find the account number going through the market page

Closes: 11360@zendesk
parent 6464311d
......@@ -60,6 +60,7 @@ class AccountsPage(LoggedPage, JsonPage):
('pee', Account.TYPE_PEE),
('epargne en actions', Account.TYPE_PEA),
('pea', Account.TYPE_PEA),
('p.e.a.', Account.TYPE_PEA),
('preference', Account.TYPE_LOAN),
('livret', Account.TYPE_SAVINGS),
('vie', Account.TYPE_LIFE_INSURANCE),
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