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anti-bot protection just in case

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......@@ -27,9 +27,10 @@
<p>add me on some gaming platform</p>
<ul class="fa-ul">
<li><span class="fa-li"><i class="fas fa-arrow-left"></i></span><a href="..">go back</a></li>
<li><span class="fa-li"><i class="fab fa-steam"></i></span><a href="">steam (PC)</a></li>
<li><span class="fa-li"><i class="fab fa-nintendo-switch"></i></span><a href="#">SW-6274-4800-6714</a></li>
<li><span class="fa-li"><i class="fas fa-music"></i></span><a href="">osu!</a>
<!-- p spam is to avoid bots trying to add me on steam -->
<li><span class="fa-li"><i class="fab fa-steam"></i></span><a href=""><p>g</p>t<p>fo</p>rc<p>e12</p> (PC)</a></li>
<li><span class="fa-li"><i class="fab fa-nintendo-switch"></i></span><a href="#">SW-<p>62</p>74-<p>480</p>0-6<p>71</p>4</a></li>
<li><span class="fa-li"><i class="fas fa-music"></i></span><a href="">tilda (osu!)</a>
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