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    Pivot to using gulp for frontend CSS / JS · ab0a6210
    Will Pimblett authored
    Given that several attempts at the BS4.a6 upgrade have fallen flat
    with fiddling around with django-compressor we shall pivot to building
    via gulp.
    Statics that require pre/post/whatever-processing will be sourced from
    src/whatever and outputted to dist/post/whatever. Django's staticfiles
    will then source static files from dist/post into the existing
    dist/static directory—appending a cachebusting hash.
    Removed traces of django-compressor. manage compress lines are now
    gulp deploy and come **before** manage collectstatic.
    Upgrade to 6.x branch via node maintained apt sources. This is done in
    xsacdb-image v0.4.0-1. Bump to that.
    We're using npm, ignore required in .gitignore.
    We need a package.json file now. Noticed we have a gemfile, unsure if
    that's still needed (surely we now use node's sass binary).
    We also need npm install in test and build steps. Include in 'bower' job
    (to avoid creating too many jobs) and rename that job to frontend.
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