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    • Guy Harris's avatar
      radiotap: fix a comment. · 71905c65
      Guy Harris authored
      Radiotap doesn't supply a channel number, just a center frequency, so
      the latter is what we use to guess the modulation.
  12. 09 Mar, 2021 1 commit
    • Guy Harris's avatar
      radiotap, wlancap, wiretap: make the "phy" reflect the packet modulation. · 31dc280d
      Guy Harris authored
      Do more fixups of the "phy" based on the data rate, so that it reflects
      the modulation used for the packet.
      Note, in comments, why we're doing this, and that there's no reiable
      way, in radiotap, to determine the type of channel on which capturing is
      being done, as some packet providers use the channel field to indicate
      the channel type and others use it to indicate the modulation.
      Only provide the "short preamble" for "11b", as that's now being used to
      mean "DSSS modulation" - packets on an 11g channel will be marked as
      "11g" if they're OFDM or "11b" if they're DSSS.
      Make some other cleanups while we're at it.
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    • Martin Mathieson's avatar
      Fix more spelling errors in dissector strings. · 4c9f59ee
      Martin Mathieson authored and Dario Lombardo's avatar Dario Lombardo committed
      A second batch of spelling errors, detected using a script
      that uses pyspellcheck and a Wireshark-specific dictionary file.
      I will take at least one more pass through the dissectors, as
      further improvements are made to the script.
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    • Guy Harris's avatar
      Fix the type of arrays of pointers to hf_ values for bitfield routines. · e1d9a226
      Guy Harris authored and AndersBroman's avatar AndersBroman committed
      The static arrays are supposed to be arrays of const pointers to int,
      not arrays of non-const pointers to const int.
      Fixing that means some bugs (scribbling on what's *supposed* to be a
      const array) will be caught (see packet-ieee80211-radiotap.c for
      examples, the first of which inspired this change and the second of
      which was discovered while testing compiles with this change), and
      removes the need for some annoying casts.
      Also make some of those arrays static while we're at it.
      Update documentation and dissector-generator tools.
      Change-Id: I789da5fc60aadc15797cefecfd9a9fbe9a130ccc
      Reviewed-on: https://code.wireshark.org/review/37517
      Petri-Dish: Guy Harris <gharris@sonic.net>
      Tested-by: Petri Dish Buildbot
      Reviewed-by: AndersBroman's avatarAnders Broman <a.broman58@gmail.com>
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    • Guy Harris's avatar
      radiotap: make tables that we modify automatic rather than static. · fdf9610b
      Guy Harris authored
      Another instance of this problem that showed up when working on the fix
      to the data types of those tables (fixing the data types mean that these
      errors cause the conpile to fail; as indicated, that's one reason to fix
      Change-Id: Ia1953b95968101f27fedd98a5fc2854101779deb
      Reviewed-on: https://code.wireshark.org/review/37509
      Reviewed-by: Guy Harris's avatarGuy Harris <gharris@sonic.net>
    • Guy Harris's avatar
      radiotap: make tables that we modify automatic rather than static. · 7a526325
      Guy Harris authored
      The arrays of pointers to header field hf_ values were getting
      overwritten if the fields in question are unknown; that meant that, in
      all future dissections, they would be dissected as unknown *even for
      packets where they are known*.
      Make them auto arrays, instead, so that each call to the dissector has
      its own copy, properly initialized at run time, that it can scribble
      over as it chooses without damaging the array for the next call.
      This involves a cast to work around the type of the array argument being
      "const int **", which means "pointer to pointer to const int",
      not "pointer to const pointer to (non-const) int".  That meant that the
      scribbling on the static array was *not* detected at compile time.
      Fixing the type is a *lot* of work, but may catch other instances of
      this problem, and may prevent future instances of it.  That's a project
      for a separate commit, however.
      Bug: 16636
      Change-Id: I985157063488739bb59f87780c017e94e2380343
      Reviewed-on: https://code.wireshark.org/review/37502
      Petri-Dish: Guy Harris <gharris@sonic.net>
      Tested-by: Petri Dish Buildbot
      Reviewed-by: Guy Harris's avatarGuy Harris <gharris@sonic.net>
    • Guy Harris's avatar
      radiotap: fix typo. · 8b168e99
      Guy Harris authored
      Prof. Doppler's name is spelled with two "p"s.
      Change-Id: Ia25d45b0a890be8c954a67b1ce5860753c1de25d
      Reviewed-on: https://code.wireshark.org/review/37498
      Reviewed-by: Guy Harris's avatarGuy Harris <gharris@sonic.net>
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    • Guy Harris's avatar
      Get rid of the radiotap tap. · 2c09e87c
      Guy Harris authored
      1) it doesn't supply any information not supplied by the new
      "wlan_radio" tap and, in fact, supplies less information (including not
      supplying any presence flags);
      2) it only works for radiotap headers, not for any other forms of radio
      3) its data structure wasn't declared in a header available to any
      listeners, it was defined internally to the radiotap dissector.
      Change-Id: Ie84a48bbf204b8b3bb40370c17ca82d39e5df3fb
      Reviewed-on: https://code.wireshark.org/review/30415
      Reviewed-by: default avatarGuy Harris <guy@alum.mit.edu>
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