1. 29 Sep, 2020 8 commits
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      Add /*build*/ to .gitignore · 330fd573
      Jeff Widman authored
      A common pattern is to build the source artifacts within a *build* dir.
      For example, the wiki instructions for [building `wireshark` on `macOS` specify to
      create a `./build`
      mkdir build && cd build && cmake ../ && make
      So this commit adds this directory to `.gitignore` to prevent
      accidentally committing build artifacts.
      The specific format `/*build*/` protects against the following:
      1. The leading slash makes sure only top-level directories that match
      this pattern are ignored.
      2. The trailing slash makes sure that only directories (and not files)
      are ignored.
      3. The wildcards catch all the various variations on `build` folder name
      that are used...
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      Fix some wrong filter names. · 08ab0e5d
      Martin Mathieson authored
      These were detected by running check_typed_item_calls.py
      with --consecutive, which flags items that have different
      labels but the same filter string.  Usually this is because
      of copy/paste.
      Quite a few similar bugs still exist, will address in a future commit.
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      [Automatic update for 2020-09-27] · 2dd014f8
      Gerald Combs authored
      Update manuf, services enterprise numbers, translations, and other items.
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      Windows: upgrade Npcap to 1.00 · 0b992485
      Pascal Quantin authored
  4. 26 Sep, 2020 8 commits
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      Qt: Fix the packet diagram start offset arithmetic. · d1f29ee3
      Gerald Combs authored
      572c1ae5 introduced a bug that allowed for negative diagram item start
      values. Fixup our arithmetic so that that doesn't happen.
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      Qt: Reset the packet diagram between captures. · 8b9ec1b5
      Gerald Combs authored
      QGraphicsScene::clear() doesn't reset the scene's the size and scroll
      position. This is useful when we switch between packets, but we should
      do a hard reset when switching between captures.
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      Fix issues discovered by common python linters · 8d7ebc73
      Jeff Widman authored
      Fix some issues discovered by common python linters including:
      * switch `None` comparisons to use `is` rather than `==`. Identity !=
      equality, and I've spent 40+ hours before tracking down a subtle bug
      caused by exactly this issue. Note that this may introduce a problem if
      one of the scripts is depending on this behavior, in which case the
      comparison should be changed to `True`/`False` rather than `None`.
      * Use `except Exception:` as bare `except:` statements have been
      discouraged for years. Ideally for some of these we'd examine if there
      were specific exceptions that should be caught, but for now I simply
      caught all. Again, this could introduce very subtle behavioral changes
      under Python 2, but IIUC, that was all fixed in Python 3, so safe to
      move to `except Exception:`.
      * Use more idiomatic `if not x in y`--> `if x not in y`
      * Use more idiomatic 2 blank lines. I only did this at the beginning,
      until I realized how overwhelming this was going to be to apply, then I
      * Add a TODO where an undefined function name is called, so will fail
      whenever that code is run.
      * Add more idiomatic spacing around `:`. This is also only partially
      cleaned up, as I gave up when I saw how `asn2wrs.py` was clearly
      infatuated with the construct.
      * Various other small cleanups, removed some trailing whitespace and
      improper indentation that wasn't a multiple of 4, etc.
      There is still _much_ to do, but I haven't been heavily involved with
      this project before, so thought this was a sufficient amount to put up
      and see what the feedback is.
      Linters that I have enabled which highlighted some of these issues
      * `pylint`
      * `flake8`
      * `pycodestyle`
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      SMB2: add new pattern_v1 decompression support · 3d94644d
      aaptel authored
      Simple decompression algorithm that encodes a single byte and the
      number of times it is repeated.
      This algorithm can only be used in chained compression packets.
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      SMB2: handle chained compression · b0f5b2c1
      aaptel authored
      The compression header "reserved" field is now a flags field.
      If the flags have the CHAINED bit, the meaning of the offset field
      changes and becomes a length field.
      	  "old" compressed method:
      	  [COMPRESS_TRANSFORM_HEADER with Flags=0]
      	    [COMPRESSED DATA]
      	  new "chained" compressed method:
      	  [fist 8 bytes of COMPRESS_TRANSFORM_HEADER with Flags=CHAINED]
      	    [ sequence of
                     [ COMPRESSION_PAYLOAD_HEADER ]
                     [ COMPRESSED PAYLOAD ]
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      SMB2: stick the compress header items under the header tree · b2fd5bcf
      aaptel authored
      This makes it behave like the other headers.
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