Commit 7f3fe616 authored by Pascal Quantin's avatar Pascal Quantin Committed by Gerald Combs
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TCP: do not use an unknown status when the checksum is 0xffff

Otherwise it triggers an assert when adding the column as the field is
defined as BASE_NONE and not BASE_DEC or BASE_HEX. Thus an unknown value
(not in proto_checksum_vals[)array) cannot be represented.
Mark the checksum as bad even if we process the packet.
Closes #16816

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......@@ -6451,7 +6451,7 @@ dissect_tcp(tvbuff_t *tvb, packet_info *pinfo, proto_tree *tree, void* data _U_)
/* XXX - What should this special status be? */
item = proto_tree_add_uint(checksum_tree, hf_tcp_checksum_status, tvb,
offset + 16, 0, 4);
offset + 16, 0, PROTO_CHECKSUM_E_BAD);
expert_add_info(pinfo, item, &ei_tcp_checksum_ffff);
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