Commit 7be2278d authored by Anders Broman's avatar Anders Broman

From Hitoshi Irino:

This patch
(1) fixes to decode IPFIX packets.
The revision 25601 warns and be not able to decodes IPFIX packets fully,
because the array "hf_register_info" does not have an entry
"hf_cflow_datarecord_length", and a length check for IPFIX packets is incorrect
in "dissect_netflow" function.
(2) is able to decode all Information Elements standardized by RFC 5102
(3) is able to decode IPFIX templates and data that contains PEN (Private
Enterprise Number) fields standardized by RFC 5101, and is able to decode
bi-directional flow standardized by RFC 5103.

svn path=/trunk/; revision=25905
parent 449e40f6
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