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commit 65a554b976
Author: Guy Harris <>
Date: Tue Jun 1 18:59:29 2021 -0700
pcapng: set the length of the options item.
It runs up to either the end of the option data or the terminating
end-of-options option (readers MUST handle lists of options that
contains an end-of-options option and lists of options that don't).
(cherry picked from commit 2f5c0ffdb26d753943201029ff65e237c1a9776b)
commit 73fe213954
Author: Guy Harris <>
Date: Mon May 31 02:44:57 2021 -0700
ascend: set rec->rec_type.
REC_TYPE_PACKET is 0, so if it's been initialized to 0, and never gets
overwritten, this fixes code withotu fixing a visible bug, but it should
be done anyway.
(backported from commit 162251176ae206430b81bd8b467bc22c6c7bcd8b)
commit e8938c10a2
Author: Gerald Combs <>
Date: Sun May 30 17:37:02 2021 +0000
[Automatic update for 2021-05-30]
Update manuf, services enterprise numbers, translations, and other items.
commit 225352970b
Author: Pascal Quantin <>
Date: Sat May 29 12:48:58 2021 +0200
Windows: upgrade Npcap to 1.31
commit 389025227e
Author: Gerald Combs <>
Date: Fri May 28 16:08:48 2021 -0700
Prep for 3.4.6
commit 7308ab766b
Author: João Valverde <>
Date: Wed May 26 04:17:59 2021 +0100
dfilter: Fix handling of escaped quotes in macros
We can't unescape characters when expanding a display filter macro.
The escaping must be preserved until the expression is evaluated in
the display filter engine, otherwise it will likely generate a syntax
error in the parser.
In the macro body we allow '$' (or any other char) to be escaped
with backslash (preserving the backslash).
Fixes #17160.
(cherry picked from commit 1dba58789d7fbf6952d631774c94f63e2179d4d1)
commit e6eb1d7370
Author: Gerald Combs <>
Date: Fri May 7 14:21:09 2021 -0700
Tools: Show only filenames when fuzzing.
Show only the basename of each capture file when fuzzing, which is less
noisy than the full pathname.
(cherry picked from commit 4266e1e9baa2ecce49eaaa20a5beecb39d21a0af)
commit 0d8be1fb79
Author: John Thacker <>
Date: Tue May 25 08:18:22 2021 -0400
DVB-S2-BB: Prevent infinite loop
Commit 4bf4ee88f0544727e7f89f3f288c6afd2f650a4c removed an else
statement that broke out of the BBFrame processing loop. Without
it, infinite loops might be possible if the GSE frames have bit errors
in the length field.
(cherry picked from commit 0137c24d60934f131b25506a88c9464e4dc827de)
commit b20a77698d
Author: John Thacker <>
Date: Mon Apr 5 09:03:36 2021 -0400
ftype-protocol: Fix crash when comparing to literals
The ftype-protocol has two components to its value - a tvb, which is
allowed to be be NULL (most notably in, and a string
description. They can also be created from string literals, such as
in display filters. It's possible to compare protocols with a NULL
tvb with protocol terms created from literals, e.g. entering the
display filter "_ws_expert < 1".
Partially revert 69e2603c48d04a675785d9e7bad162ebb9a83b07 so that
this doesn't crash, by assigning proto_string to the empty string
instead of null when creating from a literal. Fixes #17316
(cherry picked from commit 31297dbb82da0b3adf5c257398638d9b4da94931)
commit 13546c7a18
Author: Gerald Combs <>
Date: Tue May 25 14:04:51 2021 -0700
CMake: Update autogen properties.
Set the AUTOMOC, AUTOUIC, and AUTORCC properties for the qtui and
wireshark targets to match what we currently do in master. This should
keep us from running moc and uic on unwanted targets.
commit 113062025d
Author: Pascal Quantin <>
Date: Mon Nov 23 22:08:04 2020 +0100
Qt: fix some Qt 5.15.2 deprecation warnings
(cherry picked from commit fb2414ae6dbdc3d81c9ccdd24eb65cd8324065ea)
commit 1d22f8f6b6
Author: Gerald Combs <>
Date: Tue May 25 12:44:08 2021 -0700
Release notes: The Windows installers now ship with Qt 5.15.2.
commit 6da1114152
Author: Gerald Combs <>
Date: Mon May 24 13:45:31 2021 -0700
GitLab CI: Enable ccache for fuzz builds.
Enable ccache for our fuzz builds. Add sections as described at
for the CMake step as well.
(cherry picked from commit 02f4dcb0ad13fd3b671c212aec739be96ca2dc41)
commit ffe59d91a1
Author: John Thacker <>
Date: Mon May 24 19:43:20 2021 -0400
RANAP: Don't attempt to re-register heuristic dissectors
Move the RANAP heuristic dissector registration under the initialization
guard that they're only registered once. Prevents console warnings about
the dissectors already being registered to the sccp and sua tables if
a RANAP preference is changed. (Backported manually to regenerate the
dissector via
commit 67ca5e98c7
Author: Guy Harris <>
Date: Sun May 23 23:14:27 2021 -0700
k12: plug a memory leak.
If the two putative number-of-records values don't match (meaning one of
them is presumably the number of records and the other one isn't - we
don't know which is the case), free up the private data structure we
allocated before returning an error.
(cherry picked from commit 7f6c5d0137c94bdc9f7b07ee249d1b3cc9396dd9)
commit 7438c67f06
Author: Guy Harris <>
Date: Sun May 23 19:37:09 2021 -0700
erf: set USERAPPL if we have the application version but not the name.
Just say "(Unknown application) <version>".
This also means that we don't leak the app_version string if there's no
app_name string.
(cherry picked from commit 297b6c5407426aa33b197f0f5d280ce4c6c04dc3)
commit ac7673bd0a
Author: Guy Harris <>
Date: Sun May 23 17:56:18 2021 -0700
netscaler: plug a memory leak.
Free the read buffer if the first read fails.
(cherry picked from commit 976ccc9a00d5abd4f1e1a6041378f8cb1292b27e)
commit 7c969e2deb
Author: Guy Harris <>
Date: Sun May 23 17:04:59 2021 -0700
tacacs: free a buffer if it's not used.
Plugs a leak.
(cherry picked from commit 1bb64b7e0ca46442b3f3a65e4b99893674b3c287)
commit f032d776e6
Author: Guy Harris <>
Date: Sun May 23 13:55:48 2021 -0700
dnp: plug a memory leak.
If we're throwing away the data, *throw away the data* - free it, as
we're not using it as the backing data for a tvbuff.
(cherry picked from commit 618661b22e34a59b21117db723d8ff91e064d4ba)
commit 191e6744f9
Author: Gerald Combs <>
Date: Sun May 23 09:55:24 2021 +0000
[Automatic update for 2021-05-23]
Update manuf, services enterprise numbers, translations, and other items.
commit ecf1616e35
Author: Guy Harris <>
Date: Sun May 23 01:27:11 2021 -0700
OID handling: fix a memory leak.
There's a "break" in some code that appears to be copied and pasted from
a switch statement; the break would exit the loop (and leak memory
allocated within the loop), which does not appear to be the intent, so
it may have been copied over incorrectly. Remove it.
While we're at it, redo the "constant-time append to the end of a loop"
code to be a bit clearer, both to humans reading the code and code
analyzers reading the code.
(cherry picked from commit c73ab16bef0c97dd67f03fdfa7063958d1712d8b)
commit faea31d0a1
Author: Guy Harris <>
Date: Sun May 23 00:03:01 2021 -0700
epl-profile-parser: plug a memory leak.
g_key_file_get_groups() returns a pointer to g_mallocated data; we need
to pass its return value to g_strfreev() when we're done with that data,
to free it up.
(cherry picked from commit 64f3f08702d09f912c2713ec830c91ead242507f)
commit 54b8952150
Author: Guy Harris <>
Date: Sat May 22 19:01:22 2021 -0700
Plug another leak.
If cf_export_specified_packets() succeeds, and it wrote to a temporary
file, it leaks the name of the file to which it was writing. Free that
after we've renamed that file on top of the target file (safe save).
(cherry picked from commit 8ca86b29bfa4780b17e6d15ab1f382f6f79a5065)
commit 93e794c373
Author: Guy Harris <>
Date: Sat May 22 12:23:50 2021 -0700
Plug a memory leak.
If the user aborted the process of exporting packets, if we're writing
to a temporary file, we unlink the file, but we don't free the
g_mallocated name of the file, so it's leaked. Free it.
(cherry picked from commit 54508703b0ac4d85df4104f6114a247d68c42b8e)
commit d072335658
Author: Guy Harris <>
Date: Fri May 21 19:40:00 2021 -0700
fuzzshark: close a leak.
If init_progfile_dir() fails, it returns a g_mallocated string with an
error message. After printing the error message, free the string.
(cherry picked from commit c22b857942ea3f123d9fa5c31e04e85c6f3928f5)
commit 0e6c7c7bb2
Author: Guy Harris <>
Date: Fri May 21 19:14:03 2021 -0700
protobuf: close another leak.
Close the directory handle we've opened before returning a failure
indication if pbw_load_proto_file() or load_all_files_in_dir() reports a
(cherry picked from commit f0abd29e48c1bd724efea606000b86356a764011)
commit 161e765500
Author: Guy Harris <>
Date: Fri May 21 18:33:56 2021 -0700
protobuf: close a leak when file loading fails.
Free the path we've constructed before returning a failure indication if
pbw_load_proto_file() or load_all_files_in_dir() reports a failure.
Also, explicitly compare pbw_load_proto_file()'s return value against 0,
to make it a little clearer that it's *not* a Boolean, it's a return
code (with 0 meaning success and different non-zero values meaning
failure; if it matters *which* failure it is, we should probably have
otherwise we should just make it a Boolean).
(cherry picked from commit f1ffe7d4215ac1cc80d9596e6604b30ddfa59fcf)
commit 4a17759938
Author: Nardi Ivan <>
Date: Mon May 17 19:42:18 2021 +0200
QUIC: improve handling of unencrypted padding data
0af60377b4 added an heuristic to detect (unencrypted) padding data;
it is based on the fact that all coalesced QUIC packets must have the
same CID.
Unfortunately it doesn't work when the CID length is 0.
Treat decryption error of SH packets as a non fatal error, report them
as possible padding data misdetectd as coalesced packets and try
decrypting next traffic.
Close #17383
(cherry picked from commit 389a899a18742185d14da729bf308505ca4f4a2e)
commit dd0c60a001
Author: Guy Harris <>
Date: Wed May 19 14:56:30 2021 -0700
AUTHORS.src: fix Jeffrey Wildman's entry.
[AT]ify his email address.
This should address the recently-added problem mentioned #16658.
commit 82b0eac6af
Author: Guy Harris <>
Date: Tue May 18 01:03:04 2021 -0700
PortsModel: don't populate it by doing a lot of weird string-pushing.
When enumerating port-to-name entries, the callback to
wmem_map_foreach() gets passed:
- a key, which is the port number for the entry;
- a value, which is a pointer to a structure containing pointers to port
names for various transport protocols;
- a user data pointer.
That's sufficient (if you work around some C++ annoyances) to append a
row to a PortsModel, if the user data pointer is a pointer to the
The existing code, instead, appended to a QStringList of lines (in
effect, undoing the effort of the code that read the services file and
filled in the wmem_map, re-generating a set of lines) in the callback,
and then iterated over all the lines, splitting them with blanks and
appending rows.
Looking at that made my eyeballs bleed so badly that I decided not to
spend any time figuring out why it wasn't working.
So I just make the callback just append rows, avoiding all the
Fixes #17395.
(cherry picked from commit 6e95a0aa47dd739edd852a3aa12f80d1d35ff270)
commit 4a5dece155
Author: Gerald Combs <>
Date: Sun May 16 09:53:30 2021 +0000
[Automatic update for 2021-05-16]
Update manuf, services enterprise numbers, translations, and other items.
commit 5254d5e822
Author: Gerald Combs <>
Date: Tue May 11 10:56:10 2021 -0700
Tools: Try to exit more gracefully from fuzzing.
If we catch a signal while we're fuzzing, exit with a successful status
and clean up after ourselves.
(cherry picked from commit dacbfc4ae96fca71935e3f987dc3530f615a665f)
commit b45185f1c0
Author: Gerald Combs <>
Date: Sun May 9 09:53:41 2021 +0000
[Automatic update for 2021-05-09]
Update manuf, services enterprise numbers, translations, and other items.
commit 28aecbba66
Author: Gerald Combs <>
Date: Sat May 8 09:30:33 2021 -0700
GitLab CI: Set our Clang version.
commit 728ae2de5f
Author: Gerald Combs <>
Date: Fri May 7 17:09:42 2021 -0700
GitLab CI: Fix our fuzzing resource group.
commit 2410d8b6eb
Author: Gerald Combs <>
Date: Fri May 7 12:43:16 2021 -0700
GitLab CI: Add fuzzing to the 3.4 branch.
Backport part of d7bdd77a4c, which adds a -t option to
tools/ which lets you specify a maximum fuzz time.
Copy over the current (as of 7c6df3848f) fuzz jobs from the master
commit 66cba93e39
Author: Gerald Combs <>
Date: Fri May 7 12:48:31 2021 -0700
GitLab CI: Give our jobs proper names.
GitLab's job YAML parser allows spaces in key names and our jobs are
visible in the web UI, so give them proper names.
commit c1cf92283c
Author: Gerald Combs <>
Date: Fri May 7 11:49:51 2021 -0700
GitLab CI: Restore the ability to run pipelines from the web UI.
(cherry picked from commit bedf0eb21c31b64c0bcfaa00f5632e13eabe8479)
commit 219978c50d
Author: Gerald Combs <>
Date: Tue May 4 15:36:22 2021 -0700
GitLab CI: Miscellaneous updates.
Copy over various updates from the master branch including:
- Setting a git clone depth.
- Running manually in forks.
- Rule reuse.
- Using "extends" instead of YAML anchors.
commit b191395e0e
Author: Gerald Combs <>
Date: Sun May 2 09:36:02 2021 +0000
[Automatic update for 2021-05-02]
Update manuf, services enterprise numbers, translations, and other items.
commit 347f60c37b
Author: Guy Harris <>
Date: Thu Apr 29 14:27:49 2021 -0700
tap_export_pdu: we don't have packet flags, don't claim that we do.
We don't set rec.rec_header.packet_header.pack_flags, so don't set
WTAP_HAS_PACK_FLAGS in the presence flags. (Copy-and-pasteo?)
(cherry picked from commit faf2e62db8b7cd3720ec472aa303761d6f97eaca)
commit ab13858b7f
Author: Uli Heilmeier <>
Date: Tue Apr 20 22:47:43 2021 +0200
PTP: Check for enough bytes
Make sure we have enough bytes for Length and Type fields before we read
from tvb.
Using existing msg_len for the checks.
Closes: wireshark/wireshark#17355
(cherry picked from commit fd14396972733e8e2e1023150f628e3aa7370b18)
commit aa169ab224
Author: Gerald Combs <>
Date: Sun Apr 25 09:52:21 2021 +0000
[Automatic update for 2021-04-25]
Update manuf, services enterprise numbers, translations, and other items.
commit 31a3ec04a8
Author: Gerald Combs <>
Date: Wed Apr 21 11:55:57 2021 -0700
Version: 3.4.5 → 3.4.6.
[skip ci]
......@@ -44,7 +44,7 @@ Wireshark 3.4.6 Release Notes
New and Updated Capture File Support
ERF, K12, and NetScaler
Ascend, ERF, K12, NetScaler, and pcapng
Getting Wireshark
......@@ -80,7 +80,7 @@ Wireshark 3.4.6 Release Notes
A complete FAQ is available on the Wireshark web site[11].
Last updated 2021-05-30 17:14:48 UTC
Last updated 2021-06-02 17:34:32 UTC
......@@ -89,9 +89,11 @@ TACACS
// Add one file type per line between the -- delimiters.
// === New and Updated Capture Interfaces support
......@@ -48,6 +48,9 @@
<release version="3.4.6" date="2021-06-02">
<release version="3.4.5" date="2021-04-21">
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