Commit 0d8be1fb authored by John Thacker's avatar John Thacker
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DVB-S2-BB: Prevent infinite loop

Commit 4bf4ee88 removed an else
statement that broke out of the BBFrame processing loop. Without
it, infinite loops might be possible if the GSE frames have bit errors
in the length field.

(cherry picked from commit 0137c24d)
parent b20a7769
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......@@ -1257,6 +1257,8 @@ static int dissect_dvb_s2_bb(tvbuff_t *tvb, int cur_off, proto_tree *tree, packe
bb_data_len -= sub_dissected;
if (bb_data_len < DVB_S2_GSE_MINSIZE)
bb_data_len = 0;
} else {
bb_data_len = 0;
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