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    Use `register_dissector()` for more protocols · fb9d0155
    David Perry authored and AndersBroman's avatar AndersBroman committed
    Changes several calls of `create_dissector_handle()` to instead call
    `register_dissector()` with a name for the dissector.
    This should handle all dissectors in `epan/` from `packet-p*` to
    This change allows affected dissectors to be findable by calls to
    `find_dissector()`. In turn, this opens up more command-line use for
    these protocols, including fuzzshark and rawshark, as well as lua use
    via `Dissector.get()`.
    Where needed, move the call from the protocol handoff function to the
    protocol register function, save the result in a static variable,
    and use that variable in the handoff function.
    There were some calls to `create_dissector_handle()` or
    `register_dissector()` which passed `-1` as the protocol argument. When
    I saw those I corrected them to pass the actual `proto_foo` identifier
    Partially addresses #5612