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    DIAMETER: Process BCD encoded IMEISV in User-Equipment-Info · e44db606
    John Thacker authored
    Some example captures of DIAMETER show the IMEISV in User-Equipment-Info
    being BCD encoded (as commonly seen in other protocols.) If the number
    of octets used is 8, assume it is BCD encoded. If the number of octets
    used is 16, assume it is ASCII. Otherwise, set an expert info for the
    wrong length like the other types.
    Use the defined constants to verify the lengths of the MAC, EUI64, and
    MODIFIED_EUI64 types. Correct the length of the Modified EUI64 type,
    as it is also 8 bytes, the same as EUI64 (there must have been confusion
    with IPv6 addresses, which contain a Modified EUI64 in their 8 least
    significant bytes.)
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