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    Change some `wmem_packet_scope()` to `pinfo->pool` · 7ea5bbb5
    David Perry authored and Gerald Combs's avatar Gerald Combs committed
    As requested [here][1] by @eapache, help with removing calls to
    `wmem_packet_scope()` in favour of references to `pinfo->pool`.
    * Plugins chosen semi-alphabetically.
    * When a calling function already has a `pinfo` argument, use that.
        * Remove `_U_` from its signature if it was there.
    * If a function seems narrowly focused on getting and (possibly)
      returning memory, change the function signature to take a
      `wmem_allocator_t *`.
    * If it seems more focused on packet-based operations, pass in a
      `packet_info *` instead and use `pinfo->pool` within.
    * Some of the files in this MR still have references to
      `wmem_packet_scope()` where it would take significant work to remove.
      These will need revisiting later.
    [1]: https://www.wireshark.org/lists/wireshark-dev/202107/msg00052.html