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    proto.c: `proto_tree_add_mac48_detail()` function · 4995e9a8
    David Perry authored and AndersBroman's avatar AndersBroman committed
    Create a public function in `epan/proto.c` to dissect a single MAC-48
    address. Encapsulates the name and OUI resolution, and the LG and IG
    bit parsing.
    Created after observing that `packet-ieee80211.c` does not resolve the
    OUI or IG/LG bits for WLAN fields (`wlan.ra`, `wlan.da`, `wlan.sa`,
    `wlan.bssid`) the way that `packet-eth.c` does.
    This change modifies `packet-eth.c` and `packet-ieee80211.c`
    to use the new function.
    Add IG/LG bits