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Use move-rows instead of reinserting then in SessionModel

Ruben De Smet requested to merge use-move-row-instead-of-reinsert into master

57485cef includes an example of how it could be used, but it sadly segfaults :D

This would pave the way to get rid of the singleton messagemodel.

After 7ec4321d the moving works (i.e. sessions switch places without crashing), but there are some issues:

  • Switching between archived/active sessions crash with !308 (merged) (due to missing .or(Some("")) here)
  • Groups don't always get refreshed (perhaps some data_changed() index mismatch?)
    • When a new message arrives to a group, it shows in archived, even though it's not
    • Group visuals and the conversation that opens don't match after that
  • Upstream Whisperfork expose-move-row-listmodel
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