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Update libsignal-{service,service-actix,client} and zkgroup

Ruben De Smet requested to merge update-libsignal into sessions-in-db

This also reintroduces the whisperfork branch for libsignal-client (while getting rid of it for zkgroup): libsignal-client depends on some very recent Rust features (vec_extend_from_within and array_map) that are still considered "nightly" in 1.52.1. Luckily, Jolla does ship a nightly compiler, so they just compile when we add the #![feature] gates.

The array_map seems to be used in some code that I wouldn't consider very Rusty. Maybe a rewrite of that part could get rid of the feature usage too.

I have hereby force-pushed the whisperfork branch on libsignal-client, because the patched it contained were unnecessary. They were meant to patch away some armv8 things that did not work on our compiler and systems, but this has been fixed upstream now.

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