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removed c&p leftover

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......@@ -57,7 +57,6 @@ struct _class_stoploss_list
// Methods
destroyStopLossListFunc destroy; /**< "destructor" for stoploss_list object, see class_stoploss_list_destroyImpl() */
cloneStopLossListFunc clone; /**< returns a pointer to a clone signal list, see class_stoploss_list_addNewSLImpl() */
printStopLossListTableFunc printTable; /**< prints info about list as a table, see class_stoploss_list_PrintTableImpl() */
addNewSLFunc addNewSL; /**< create a new stoploss record and add to the list, see class_stoploss_list_addNewSLImpl() */
addSLFunc addSL; /**< add existing stoploss to the list, see class_stoploss_list_addSLImpl() */
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