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added stub files for class stoploss_list. will add content later

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#include "bstrlib.h"
#include "datatypes.h"
#include "class_quote.h"
// #include "class_signals.h"
struct _class_signal_list;
typedef void (*destroyStopLossListFunc)(struct _class_stoploss_list*);
typedef struct _class_stoploss_list* (*cloneStopLossListFunc)(const struct _class_stoploss_list*);
typedef void (*printStopLossListTableFunc)(const struct _class_stoploss_list*);
typedef void (*addNewSLFunc)(struct _class_stoploss_list*, char* datestring, unsigned int daynr, float price, float indicator_quote, char* symbol, signal_type type, strength_type strength, unsigned int nrOfDigits, char* signal_name, char* signal_description, char* amp_info, char* tablename);
typedef void (*addSLFunc)(struct _class_signal_list*,struct _class_signal*);
typedef void (*removeSLFunc)(struct _class_signal_list*, unsigned int elementToRemove);
typedef void (*saveAllSLFunc)(const struct _class_signal_list*);
struct _class_stoploss_list
// public part
bstring* name; /**< list of this list of signals */
class_stoploss_record** SL; /**< vector to members of signal class */
unsigned int nr_records; /**< nr of signals contained in object */
// Methods
destroyStopLossListFunc destroy; /**< "destructor" for signal_list object */
cloneStopLossListFunc clone; /**< returns a pointer to a clone signal list */
printStopLossListTableFunc printTable; /**< prints all signals in list as a table */
addNewSLFunc addNewSL; /**< create a new signal and add to the list */
addSLFunc addSL; /**< add existing signal to the list */
removeSLFunc removeSignal; /**< remove a signal from signal list */
saveAllSLFunc saveToDB; /**< saves all signals contained in list to database */
typedef struct _class_stoploss_list class_stoploss_list;
class_stoploss_list *class_stoploss_list_init(char* listname);
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