Commit 1e6fa8a8 authored by Michel Schudel's avatar Michel Schudel

fixed another typo.

(cherry picked from commit 8b1a89b9)
parent 50845b6d
......@@ -152,7 +152,7 @@ Implement the `proofOfWork` function on the` BlockChain` class:
1. Take the proof of work of the most recent block in the blockchain
2. Create a new proof of work: 0.
3. Concatenate the old and the new proof. So for block 0 and 1, you would have '00' to start with.
4. Create a hash of the string using `DigestUtils.sha256hex(string)`
4. Create a hash of the string using `DigestUtils.sha256Hex(string)`
5. Does the hash start with `0000`? Then the new proof of work is valid. Return it.
6. Does the hash not start with `0000`? Increment the new proof of work by 1 and return to step 3.
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