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= weercd
:author: Sébastien Helleu
:lang: en
`weercd` is the WeeChat IRC testing server.
It can be used with any IRC client (not only WeeChat).
In the 'flood' mode, various IRC commands are sent in a short time (privmsg,
notice, join/quit, ..) to test client resistance and memory usage (to quickly
detect memory leaks, for example with client scripts).
== Install
This script works with Python 2.x (>= 2.7) and 3.x.
It is *STRONGLY RECOMMENDED* to connect this server with a client in a test
* For WeeChat, another home with: `weechat --dir /tmp/weechat`.
* On a test machine, because CPU will be used a lot by client to display
messages from weercd.
* If possible locally (ie server and client on same machine), to speed up
data exchange between server and client.
== Run with WeeChat
Open a terminal and run server:
Open another terminal and run WeeChat with home in '/tmp/weechat':
weechat --dir /tmp/weechat
Optional: install script(s) in WeeChat (for example `/script install xxx`).
Add server and connect to it:
/server add weercd
/connect weercd
Wait some months.....
WeeChat still not crashed and does not use 200 TB of RAM ?
Yeah, it's stable!
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