Commit c0ffd7fb authored by installgen2's avatar installgen2 Committed by Sébastien Helleu

New script autospurdo.js: speak in spurdo

parent a310027f
+Copyright (c) 2015 by installgen2 <>
+This program is free software: you can redistribute it and/or modify
+it under the terms of the GNU General Public License as
+published by the Free Software Foundation, either version 3 of the
+License, or (at your option) any later version.
+This program is distributed in the hope that it will be useful,
+but WITHOUT ANY WARRANTY; without even the implied warranty ofh
+GNU General Public License for more details.
+You should have received a copy of the GNU General Public License
+along with this program. If not, see <>
weechat.register("autospurdo", "installgen2", "1.0", "GPL3", "Speak in spurdo", "", "");
weechat.hook_command("spurdosay", "Say message in spurdo", "", "", "", "spurdoSay", "");
weechat.hook_command("togglespurdo", "Toggle automatic spurdo conversion", "", "", "", "toggleSpurdo", "");
weechat.hook_command_run("/input return", "spurdoModifier", "");
function spurdoSay (data, buffer, args) {
var message = toSpurdo(args);
weechat.command("", "/say " + message)
return weechat.WEECHAT_RC_OK;
var spurdoEnabled = false;
function spurdoModifier (data, buffer, command) {
if (!spurdoEnabled || command != "/input return") return weechat.WEECHAT_RC_OK;
text = weechat.buffer_get_string(buffer, "input");
if (text[0] == "/") return weechat.WEECHAT_RC_OK;
weechat.buffer_set(buffer, "input", toSpurdo(text))
return weechat.WEECHAT_RC_OK;
function toggleSpurdo (data, buffer, args) {
if (spurdoEnabled) {
spurdoEnabled = false;
weechat.print("", "Disabled automatic spurdo");
} else {
spurdoEnabled = true;
weechat.print("", "Enabled automatic spurdo");
return weechat.WEECHAT_RC_OK;
// The following shit is from
// Return a random ebin face
var ebinFaces = [":D", ":DD", ":DDD", ":-D", ":-DD", "XD", "XXD", "XDD", "XXDD"];
function getEbinFace () {
return ebinFaces[Math.floor(Math.random() * ebinFaces.length)];
// define replacements
var replacements = [
["wh", "w"],
["th", "d"],
["af", "ab"],
["ap", "ab"],
["ca", "ga"],
["ck", "gg"],
["co", "go"],
["ev", "eb"],
["ex", "egz"],
["et", "ed"],
["iv", "ib"],
["it", "id"],
["ke", "ge"],
["nt", "nd"],
["op", "ob"],
["ot", "od"],
["po", "bo"],
["pe", "be"],
["pi", "bi"],
["up", "ub"],
["va", "ba"],
["ck", "gg"],
["cr", "gr"],
["kn", "gn"],
["lt", "ld"],
["mm", "m"],
["nt", "dn"],
["pr", "br"],
["ts", "dz"],
["tr", "dr"],
["bs", "bz"],
["ds", "dz"],
["es", "es"],
["fs", "fz"],
["gs", "gz"],
[" is", " iz"],
["ls", "lz"],
["ms", "mz"],
["ns", "nz"],
["rs", "rz"],
["ss", "sz"],
["ts", "tz"],
["us", "uz"],
["ws", "wz"],
["ys", "yz"],
["alk", "olk"],
["ing", "ign"],
["ic", "ig"],
["ng", "nk"],
["kek", "geg"],
["epic", "ebin"],
["some", "sum"],
["meme", "maymay"],
function toSpurdo (string) {
// Convert to lowercase (TODO: add upercase handling)
string = string.toLowerCase();
// apply replacements
replacements.forEach(function(filter) {
var replaceFrom = new RegExp(filter[0], "gm"),
replaceTo = filter[1];
string = string.replace(replaceFrom, replaceTo);
// Replace "," and "." with ebin faces
while (string.match(/\.|,(?=\s|$)/m)) {
string = string.replace(/\.|,(?=\s|$)/m, " " + getEbinFace());
// append an ebin face if not found
var ebinFaceFound = false;
ebinFaces.forEach(function (face) {
if (string.indexOf(face) != -1) {
ebinFaceFound = true;
if (!ebinFaceFound) {
string += " " + getEbinFace();
// return spurdo'd text
return string;
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