Commit bd7b2781 authored by Sébastien Helleu's avatar Sébastien Helleu

New script execute perl code with a command or in a buffer

parent 0ca99851
# by ArZa <>: Execute perl code
# This program is free software: you can modify/redistribute it under the terms of
# GNU General Public License by Free Software Foundation, either version 3 or later
# which you can get from <>.
# This program is distributed in the hope that it will be useful, but without any warranty.
weechat::register("perlexec", "ArZa <arza\>", "0.1", "GPL3", "Execute perl code", "", "");
weechat::hook_command("perlexec", "Execute perl code", "[code]",
"Executes perl code given as an argument or creates a buffer for execution if not given an argument.\n\n".
"Code is anything like in a weechat perl script, executed in one block.\n\n".
"\$buffer is predefined as a pointer for the buffer where this command is executed.\n\n".
"For example, close current buffer if it's a query:\n".
" /perlexec weechat::buffer_close(\$buffer) if weechat::buffer_get_string(\$buffer, \"localvar_type\") eq \"private\";",
"", "perlexec", "");
sub perlexec { # the command
if($_[2]){ # if got an argument
my $buffer=$_[1];
eval($_[2]); # execute
my $buffer=weechat::buffer_search("perl", "perlexec"); # find the buffer
if(!$buffer){ # if not found
$buffer=weechat::buffer_new("perlexec", "buffer_input", "", "", ""); # create it
weechat::buffer_set($buffer, "title", "Perl execution buffer"); # set title
if(weechat::current_buffer() eq $buffer){ weechat::buffer_close($buffer); } # if we already are in the buffer, close it
else{ weechat::buffer_set($buffer, "display", 1); } # otherwise, switch to it
return weechat::WEECHAT_RC_OK;
sub buffer_input { # input in the buffer
my $buffer=$_[1];
weechat::print($buffer, "> ".$_[2]); # print
eval($_[2]); # execute
return weechat::WEECHAT_RC_OK;
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