Commit acf05c13 authored by Sébastien Helleu's avatar Sébastien Helleu

Remove script (moved to unofficial scripts, not needed with WeeChat >= 0.4.3)

parent 205d280a
# by ArZa <>: Print a line and additionally set activity level
# This program is free software: you can modify/redistribute it under the terms of
# GNU General Public License by Free Software Foundation, either version 3 or later
# which you can get from <>.
# This program is distributed in the hope that it will be useful, but without any warranty.
weechat::register("echo", "ArZa <arza\>", "0.1", "GPL3", "Print a line and additionally set activity level", "", "");
"Print a line and additionally set activity level. Local variables are expanded when starting with \$ and can be escaped with \\.",
"[ -p/-plugin <plugin> ] [ -b/-buffer <buffer name/number> | -c/-core ] [ -l/-level <level>] [text]",
"-plugin: plugin where printed, default: current plugin
-buffer: buffer where printed, default: current buffer, e.g. #weechat or freenode.#weechat)
-core: print to the core buffer
-level: number of the activity level, default: low:
0=low, 1=message, 2=private, 3=highlight
/echo This is a test message
/echo -b freenode.#weechat -level 3 Highlight!
/echo -core This goes to the core buffer
/echo -buffer #weechat -l 1 My variable \\\$name is \$name on \$channel",
"-buffer %(buffer_names) || -core || -level 1|2|3 || -plugin %(plugins_names)", "echo", ""
sub echo {
my @args=split(/ /, $_[2]);
my $i=0;
my ($plugin, $buffer, $level) = ("", "", "");
while($i<=$#args){ # go through command options
if($args[$i] eq "-b" || $args[$i] eq "-buffer"){
$buffer=$args[$i] if $args[$i];
}elsif($args[$i] eq "-p" || $args[$i] eq "-plugin"){
$plugin=$args[$i] if $args[$i];
}elsif($args[$i] eq "-c" || $args[$i] eq "-core"){
}elsif($args[$i] eq "-l" || $args[$i] eq "-level"){
$level=$args[$i] if $args[$i];
if($plugin ne ""){ # use specific plugin if set
$buffer=weechat::buffer_search($plugin, $buffer);
}elsif($buffer ne ""){
if($buffer=~/^\d+$/){ # if got a number
my $infolist = weechat::infolist_get("buffer", "", "");
while(weechat::infolist_next($infolist)){ # find the buffer for the number
if(weechat::infolist_integer($infolist, "number") eq $buffer){
$buffer=weechat::buffer_search( weechat::infolist_string($infolist, "plugin"), weechat::infolist_string($infolist, "name") );
}elsif( weechat::buffer_search ( weechat::buffer_get_string( weechat::current_buffer(), "plugin" ), $buffer ) ){ # if buffer found in current plugin
$buffer=weechat::buffer_search ( weechat::buffer_get_string( weechat::current_buffer(), "plugin" ), $buffer );
}else{ # search even more to find the correct buffer
my $infolist = weechat::infolist_get("buffer", "", "");
while(weechat::infolist_next($infolist)){ # find the buffer for a short_name
if(lc(weechat::infolist_string($infolist, "short_name")) eq lc($buffer)){
$buffer=weechat::buffer_search( weechat::infolist_string($infolist, "plugin"), weechat::infolist_string($infolist, "name") );
$buffer=weechat::current_buffer() if $buffer eq "" || $buffer eq $args[$i-1]; # otherwise use the current buffer
my $j=$i;
$args[$j]=~s/^\\\-/-/ if $args[$j]; # "\-" -> "-" in the beginning
while($j<=$#args){ # go through text
if($args[$j]=~/^\$/){ # replace variables
$args[$j]=weechat::buffer_string_replace_local_var($buffer, $args[$j]);
}elsif($args[$j]=~/^\\[\$\\]/){ # escape variables
weechat::print($buffer, join(' ', @args[$i..$#args])); # print the text
weechat::buffer_set($buffer, "hotlist", $level); # set hotlist level
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