Commit a47aa387 authored by Sébastien Helleu's avatar Sébastien Helleu 0.2: use ubus spec from ADO

parent d08babaf
# WeeChat ubus notifications
# Arvid Picciani <aep at hereticlinux dot org>
# Released under GPL3.
# 0.2 uses spec single ubus interface now.
use strict;
use FileHandle;
weechat::register("ubus", "Arvid Picciani <aep at hereticlinux dot org>",
"0.1", "GPL3", "Ubus Notification", "ubus_shutdown", "");
"0.2", "GPL3", "Ubus Notification", "", "");
my %fds=();
my @signals=qw(weechat_pv weechat_highlight);
weechat::hook_signal($_, "ubus_signal", "");
my $f;
open($f,"|ubus tap ~/.ipc/weechat/$_");
sub ubus_signal{
print {$fds{$_[1]}} "$_[2]\n";
my $u;
open($u,"|ubus-connect ~/.ubus/amvient/notify >/dev/null 2>/dev/null");
my @b = split(/\t/,$_[2]);
print {$u} "<font color=\"red\">$_[1]</font> &nbsp; &lt;$b[0]&gt; &nbsp; $b[1]\n";
close $u;
return weechat::WEECHAT_RC_OK;
sub ubus_shutdown{
close ($fds{$_});
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