Commit 6ba05d53 authored by Juerd's avatar Juerd Committed by Sébastien Helleu

New script change "nick:" prefix if the nick is changed...

New script change "nick:" prefix if the nick is changed while you're still editing
parent 3b5aa771
use strict;
use Encode qw(encode_utf8);
'Juerd <>',
"Change 'nick: ' prefix if the nick is changed while you're still editing.",
# This is a port of the Irssi script, the main difference
# being that WeeChat has an input *per buffer*, so the script needs to iterate
# over the buffers instead of just the current one, because there could be
# multiple messages waiting to be sent.
sub nick_changed {
my (undef, $server, $args) = @_;
$server = (split /,/, $server)[0];
my ($oldnick, $newnick) = $args =~ /\:(.*)\!(?:.*)\:(.*)/
or return weechat::WEECHAT_RC_OK;
my $hdata = weechat::hdata_get("buffer");
my $buffer = weechat::hdata_get_list($hdata, "gui_buffers");
my $char = weechat::config_get('completion.nick_completer');
while ($buffer) {
weechat::buffer_get_string($buffer,'localvar_server') eq $server
or next;
my $pos = weechat::buffer_get_integer($buffer, 'input_pos');
my $input = weechat::buffer_get_string($buffer, 'input');
$pos >= length("$oldnick$char") or next;
$input =~ s/^\Q$oldnick$char/$newnick$char/ or next;
my $delta = length($newnick) - length($oldnick);
weechat::buffer_set($buffer, "input", $input);
weechat::buffer_set($buffer, "input_pos", $pos + $delta);
} continue {
$buffer = weechat::hdata_pointer($hdata, $buffer, "next_buffer");
return weechat::WEECHAT_RC_OK;
weechat::hook_signal("*,irc_in_nick", "nick_changed", "");
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