Commit 4b368c44 authored by Juerd's avatar Juerd Committed by Sébastien Helleu

New script implement readline-like ctrl-W

parent 6ba05d53
use strict;
use Encode qw(encode_utf8);
'Juerd <>',
'Implement readline-like ^W',
sub ctrl_w {
my ($data, $buffer, $args) = @_;
my $pos = weechat::buffer_get_integer($buffer, 'input_pos');
my $input = weechat::buffer_get_string($buffer, 'input');
substr($input, 0, $pos) =~ s/(\S+\s*)\z// and $pos -= length $1;
weechat::buffer_set($buffer, "input", $input);
weechat::buffer_set($buffer, "input_pos", $pos);
return weechat::WEECHAT_RC_OK;
weechat::hook_command("ctrl_w", "Delete previous word like readline ^W", "", "", "", "ctrl_w", "");
# Print helpful message if ctrl-W is still bound to the default function.
my $i = weechat::infolist_get("key", "", "default");
while (weechat::infolist_next($i)) {
my $k = weechat::infolist_string($i, "key");
my $c = weechat::infolist_string($i, "command");
$k =~ m[^ctrl-w$]i or next;
$c =~ m[^/input delete_previous_word]i or next;
weechat::print("", "$k is still bound to $c; to use the ctrl_w script, use /key bind $k /ctrl_w");
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