1. 05 May, 2020 2 commits
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      Added opencollective payment method to a random app. · 8f0e135a
      Deano Centrella authored
       - Find "opencollective": "not-a-real-donate-link-added-by-Deano-for-purely-ux-testing-purposes"
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      Speedy localhost-based testing folder and repo · f21466a4
      Deano Centrella authored
      (this should be paired with the 'fastLocalHostTesting' branch in the 'jekyll-fdroid' repo), or not (as Hans has suggested).
       - The only reason for changing the jekyll-fdroid was to use an uncompressed JSON file. So I'll likely supply a zipped and unzipped version for people to use/examine).)
      Testing repo has 31 apps:
       - DEPRICATED:(Over 30 apps triggers pagination),
       - Apps in every category except 'Graphics' and 'Phone & SMS'
       - Apps chosen randomly, but most are icons I liked or I thought were intersting (I will be seeing the icons a lot during the site development, I suspect)
       - Some apps have their feature graphics (for future testing in case someone wishes to integrate them successfully into the website)
       - Some apps have their screenshots (for future testing on new ways of showing the screens)
       - Some fields in the repo have altered text to explain some unique aspects to the apps that I noticed a person might want to test)
       - Some apps may have (declared) fake 'What's New' messages was doing this during the season before I changed the 'Whats New' stipulation for new apps (see the Merge Request, "No Apps should appear in Both Lists").
       - Some descriptions in other languages I may have truncated to keep filesize small, so they might read a bit like lorem ipsum at times.
      To repeat, this would need to accompany the branch, 'fastLocalHostTesting', in the 'jekyll-fdroid' repo
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