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title: "2020 01 09 Awesome Configuration"
date: 2020-01-16T23:26:44-05:00
draft: true
When I setup my Awesome desktop, there were a few things that were
important to me.
title: "2020 02 13 Lnav to View Docker Logs"
date: 2020-02-13T11:19:38-05:00
draft: false
So, using this as a means to document stuff that I like so that I do not
forget it later! I find a really cool tool last year called lnav. It's
a logging tool for the command line. A neat thing about it is that you
can pipe docker logs through it and get a great, easy to navigate system
for parsing the's a bit like Papertrail.
So ```sudo apt install lnav```
And once you have it installed, just running ```lnav``` loads the local
logs. Or ```sudo docker-compose logs | lnav ``` will pipe the Docker
logs through lnav and give you a pretty little stream!
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