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  • v1.2
    Release v1.2
    git-assembler 1.2
    Improved worktree support thanks to Etienne Laurin:
    * Allow to create staging branches even when the base branch is already
      checked out in a different worktree.
    * Fix internal state paths when using worktrees.
    General bug fixes:
    * Fix dirty graph state/coloring when using ``base`` and merging with
      the base branch itself.
    * Read correctly assembly files with a missing EOL (thanks to
      Etienne Laurin).
    * Handle checkout errors without a spurious traceback when referring to
      undefined branches.
    Minor improvements:
    * Remove useless commit error messages when performing a rerere
  • v1.1
    Release v1.1
    git-assembler 1.1
    * Fixes ``rebase`` behavior, thanks to Richard Nguyen.
    * Tests portability fixes, thanks to Carlo Arenas.
    * New ``--color`` flag to control terminal coloring.
    * Fixes failure to restore starting branch in some cases.
  • v1.0
    Release v1.0
    git-assembler 1.0