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WordPress.TV Preparer

Script to prepare videos for upload on WordPress.tv. Final videos are in MP4 format optimised for use on the web. Source videos can be in any format that FFmpeg supports (usually all common formats).



php prepare.php <source directory or file> <target directory>

You can define directories by creating a config.php file. See the config-example.php file for possible settings. After this you can leave out the directory arguments.

php prepare.php

You can add intro sequences from images (PNG/JPG). It is also possible to add a session title and speaker name to the intro. To add text to a video you have to create text files for the session title and the speaker name. The text file must be placed in the same directory as the source video file. Text must be UTF-8 encoded and can have multiple lines (emoji does not seem to work). The text file name must use the following convention (notice the double dash):

  • <video file name without file extension>--title.txt
  • <video file name without file extension>--speaker.txt

The prepare script will look for them if title or speaker argument are given for a intro sequence in config.php.


'intro' => [ // Intro sequences.
        'duration' => 2, // Duration in seconds.
        'src'      => realpath( 'images/wcfra_slide.png' ), // Background image.
        'title' => [ // Session title.
            'x' => 400, // Horizontal position in pixels.
            'y' => 400, // Vertical position in pixels.
            'fontfile' => realpath( 'fonts/RubikOne-Regular.ttf' ),
            'fontsize' => 64, // Font size in pixels.
            'fontcolor' => 'black'
        'speaker' => [ // Speaker name.
            'x' => 400,
            'y' => 650,
            'fontfile' => realpath( 'fonts/RobotoMono-Bold.ttf' ),
            'fontsize' => 36,
            'fontcolor' => 'black',

You can use a predefined intro image for a video in case text cannot be added correctly by the script (for example adding emojis). To skip adding text to use the predefined image, create an image using the following convention:

  • <video file name without file extension>--intro-<intro sequence number>.png


/path/to/event-name-speaker-name-session-title.MTS // Source video file.
/path/to/event-name-speaker-name-session-title--title.txt // Session title text.
/path/to/event-name-speaker-name-session-title--speaker.txt // Speaker name text.
/path/to/event-name-another-speaker-name-session-title.MTS // Source video file.
/path/to/event-name-another-speaker-name-session-title--intro-2.png // Predefined image for intro sequence 2. 


  • Update documentation.




Walter Ebert