Commit 8b643f97 authored by Christoph Junghans's avatar Christoph Junghans fix codacy issues

parent dc180660
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......@@ -35,15 +35,15 @@ if [ "${scheme[$scheme_nr]}" = 1 ]; then
echo "Update potential ${name} : yes"
kBT=$(csg_get_property cg.inverse.kBT)
is_num "${kBT}" || die "${0##*/}: cg.inverse.kBT should be a number, but found '$kBT'"
do_external table linearop ${name}.dpot.imc ${name}.dpot.imc.kBT $kBT 0
do_external table linearop "${name}.dpot.imc" "${name}.dpot.imc.kBT" "$kBT" 0
bondtype="$(csg_get_interaction_property bondtype)"
do_external potential shift --type "${bondtype}" ${name}.dpot.kBT ${name}
do_external potential shift --type "${bondtype}" "${name}.dpot.kBT" "${name}"
echo "Update potential ${name} : no"
min=$(csg_get_interaction_property min)
max=$(csg_get_interaction_property max)
step=$(csg_get_interaction_property step)
do_external table dummy ${min}:${step}:${max} ${name}
do_external table dummy "${min}:${step}:${max}" "${name}"
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