Commit 89e4a36c authored by Paul Feuvraux's avatar Paul Feuvraux 🐳

added demo button

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......@@ -35,9 +35,9 @@
<section id="intro" class="wrapper style1 fullscreen fade-up">
<div class="inner">
<h2>Simplified End-to-End Encrypted Storage.</h2>
<p>Encrypted. Easy-to-use. Modern. <a href="" target="_blank">Open Source</a>.<br /><br />
Coming soon...</p>
<p>The first 100% End-to-End Encrypted Cloud Storage, Easy-to-use, <a href="" target="_blank">Open Source.</a><br /><br />
Coming soon... <br /><a href="" target="_blank" class="button small">Demo Access</a></p>
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