Commit ae7ebce6 authored by Alex Gleason's avatar Alex Gleason

Use as author in quest meta

parent 7e897d17
......@@ -5,7 +5,7 @@ quest{
short_description = "Inspired by the pervasive question “what would vegans do if stranded on a desert island?” Vegan on a Desert Island seeks to provide an answer.",
long_description = [[
In this 2D puzzle-adventure parody quest for PC, Mac, and Linux, a hypothetical question is taken to the extreme. Our heroine Rachel is challenged by the brutality of nature, the politics of species, and the struggle to persevere. Rachel’s vegan ethos is useful, as the island is brimming with animals that can help her, but winning their support is no easy task. Rachel must use her communication skills and problem-solving abilities—rather than coercion—to get what she wants.]],
author = "Alex Gleason",
author = "",
quest_version = "0.2",
release_date = "",
website = "",
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