Release VisNow v1.4

Major changes:

  • rebranding
  • New Point Field data type with large dataset support and lower memory footprint
  • “LAS reader” module for LIDAR point cloud data support
  • “HDF5/CDM4 reader” module for reading Common Data Model (CDM) formats, including NetCDF, HDF5, GRIB, etc.
  • “HDF5 writer” module for saving VisNow fields in HDF5 format
  • Updated “CSV reader” with more functionality
  • Updated “component calculator” module with new user interface, new multi-argument functions, mask and coordinates support, and some bugfixes
  • “differential operations” module now supports time derivatives
  • Refreshed movie creation panel
  • Added even more support for physical units
  • Extended VNF header error notification in VisNow field reader module

Major improvements and bugfixes

  • Rendering library upgraded to new Java3D/JOGL versions
  • Lots of code optimizations
  • Resolved a number of VisNow freezes on newer operating systems
  • Fixed problems in “graph 3d” and “line probe” modules
  • Fixed issues in writing ASCII VNF files
  • Fixed problems in “flow visualization” module
  • Fixed problems with 1D fields rendering