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For more information about building binaries, check out the [.gitlab-ci.yml file](./.gitlab-ci.yml)
## How to ship plugin binaries
- Your users compile the binary using `ldc2`/`dmd` or
- You pre-compile dynamically linked binaries for the platforms you want to target.
Based on the current build settings, the dynamic linked binary will depend on common C libraries such as ``, ``, and a few others, which are expected to be present on most Unix distributions, so it should run without any issues.
## Trying out linux x86_64 compiled binaries
If you want to try out the `demo-plugin`, I've pre-compiled the binary for linux x86_64:
- `curl -LO`
- `chmod +x demo-plugin`
- `sudo mv demo-plugin /usr/local/bin` (or somewhere else in your PATH)
- `demo-plugin` (execute the plugin once in your shell to generate the manifest)
- In your ~/.config/nvim/init.vim file, `source ~/.config/nvim/settings/demo-plugin.vim`
From this point forward, all plugin functions will be available to be called from `nvim`
- Launch `nvim` and call native D functions from this plugin, for example, `:call Greet("D")`
## Testing
Both unit tests and system tests (end-to-end) testing with nvim have been automated in the CI.
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