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[dist] 0.2.4

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### 0.2.4
- Tons of fixes have been made to the way we do error handling and failover,
this includes better reconnect, server failure detection, timeout handling
and much more.
- Introduction of a new `idle` timeout option.
- Documentation improvements.
### 0.2.3
- Added documentation for public api's
- new namespace option added that namespaces all your keys.
- minor parser fixes and some thrown errors.
### 0.2.2
- Support for touch command #86
- Fix for chunked responses from the server #84
### 0.2.1
- Supports for a queued callback limit so it would crash the process when we queue
to much callbacks. #81
### 0.2.0
- [breaking] We are now returning Error instances instead of strings for errors
- Dependency bump for a critical bug in our connection pool.
### 0.1.5
- Don't execute callbacks multiple times if the connection fails
- Parser fix for handling server responses that contain Memcached Procotol
- Parser fix for handling server responses that contain Memcached Protocol
- Make sure that the retry option is set correctly
### 0.1.4
- Added missing error listener to the 3rd-Eden/jackpot module, this prevents crashes
when it's unable to connect to a server.
### 0.1.3
- Handle Memcached responses that contain no value.
- Travis CI integration.
- Returning an error when the Memcached server issues a NOT_STORED response.
### 0.1.2
- Returning an error when the Memcached server issues a `NOT_STORED` response.
### 0.1.1
- Now using 3rd-Eden/jackpot as connection pool, this should give a more stable
### 0.1.0
- Storing numeric values are now returned as numeric values, they are no
longer strings.
- Added .setEncoding to the connections, this way UTF-8 chars will not be
### 0.0.12
- Added `.setEncoding` to the connections, this way UTF-8 chars will not be
chopped in to multiple pieces and breaking binary stored data or UTF-8 text
### 0.0.11
- Added more useful error messages instead of returning false. Please note
that they are still strings instead of Error instances (legacy)
### 0.0.10
- Compatibility with Node.js 0.8
- Don't saturate the Node process by retrying to connect if pool is full #43
- Minor code formatting
- Codestyle refactor, named the functions, removed tabs
### 0.0.9
- Code style refactor, named the functions, removed tabs
- Added Mocha test suite
#Memcached [![Build Status](](
# Memcached [![Build Status](](
`memcached` is a fully featured Memcached client for Node.js. `memcached` is
build with scaling, high availability and exceptional performance in mind. We
......@@ -109,6 +109,7 @@ formatted in an JavaScript `object`. They both use the same object structure:
an array of servers confirm the server_locations specification.
* `keyCompression`: *true*, compress keys using md5 if they exceed the
maxKeySize option.
* `idle`: *5000*, the idle timeout for the connections.
Example usage:
......@@ -569,3 +570,16 @@ var memcached = new Memcached([ '', '' ]);
memcached.on('failure', function( details ){ sys.error( "Server " + details.server + "went down due to: " + details.messages.join( '' ) ) });
memcached.on('reconnecting', function( details ){ sys.debug( "Total downtime caused by server " + details.server + " :" + details.totalDownTime + "ms")});
# Contributors
This project wouldn't be possible without the hard work of our amazing
contributors. See the contributors tab in Github for an up to date list of
Thanks for all your hard work on this project!
# License
The driver is released under the MIT license. See the
[LICENSE](/3rd-Eden/node-memcached/blob/master/LICENSE) for more information.
"name": "memcached"
, "version": "0.2.3"
, "version": "0.2.4"
, "author": "Arnout Kazemier"
, "description": "A fully featured Memcached API client, supporting both single and clustered Memcached servers through consistent hashing and failover/failure. Memcached is rewrite of nMemcached, which will be deprecated in the near future."
, "main": "index"
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