Commit 3b4cc6ef authored by Alexis Reigel's avatar Alexis Reigel Committed by Winnie Hellmann

dry up view by using a for loop

(cherry picked from commit a99dc2969d6fa68c1474f8734cbca99324fb5955)
parent 9fa95749
......@@ -97,15 +97,8 @@
.gl-responsive-table-row.table-row-header{ role: 'row' }
.table-section.section-10{ role: 'rowheader' }= _('Type')
.table-section.section-10{ role: 'rowheader' }= _('Runner token')
.table-section.section-10{ role: 'rowheader' }= _('Description')
.table-section.section-10{ role: 'rowheader' }= _('Version')
.table-section.section-10{ role: 'rowheader' }= _('IP Address')
.table-section.section-10{ role: 'rowheader' }= _('Projects')
.table-section.section-10{ role: 'rowheader' }= _('Jobs')
.table-section.section-10{ role: 'rowheader' }= _('Tags')
.table-section.section-10{ role: 'rowheader' }= _('Last contact')
- [_('Type'), _('Runner token'), _('Description'), _('Version'), _('IP Address'), _('Projects'), _('Jobs'), _('Tags'), _('Last contact')].each do |label|
.table-section.section-10{ role: 'rowheader' }= label
- @runners.each do |runner|
= render 'admin/runners/runner', runner: runner
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