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# Today in WoW - Widget for Scriptable for iOS
This is a script for [Scriptable]( for iOS that parses data from Wowhead's Today in WoW section and displays it on the home screen in a configurable widget.
![Today in WoW Widget screenshot](
* The widget displays:
* Three current Shadowlands Covenant calling quests
* The two active Torghast wings
* Current weekly Mythic+ affixes
* The current weekly Shadowlands world boss
Today in WoW parses the [Today in WoW section on]( and displays the data as a configurable widget.
All elements can be tapped to open the browser to read more information. Tapping on an empty space on the widget will bring up Wowhead's world quest map.
The widget displays:
* Active/available Shadowlands Covenant calling quests
* Active Torghast wings
* Current weekly Mythic+ affixes
* Current weekly Shadowlands world boss
The individual elements can also be tapped for more information, leading either to a wowhead guide when tapping on the Calling quests and Torghast wings, the wowhead page of the tapped affix or the world boss' loot table. Tapping on an empty space on the widget brings up a map of current world quests for your region.
## Installation
1. Install [Scriptable](
1. Place `Today in WoW.js` and `cheerio.js` in the `Scriptable` folder on your iCloud Drive
1. (Optional) Edit the `Today in WoW.js` script to configure it (See the Configuration section below)
1. Add a Scriptable widget to the home screen and while still in edit mode, tap on the widget to configure it
1. In the widget configuration, select the `Today in WoW` script, the `When interacting` and `Parameter` fields aren't important
1. Tap away from the widget configuration modal
[![Download with ScriptDude](](
## Configuration
Edit the `Today in WoW.js` script to adjust the configuration of the widget. Currently supports region and faction, and defaults to EU Horde.
Download the script from [GitLab]( and place it into the Scriptable folder on your iCloud Drive.
## Screenshot
After the script is installed within Scriptable:
1. Add a new Scriptable widget to your Home Screen (**Medium size only, for now**)
1. Tap on the added widget and select **Today in WoW** in the **Script** field. You can leave **When Interacting** as-is.
1. Configure the **Parameter** field:
* Enter your region, the field accepts EU or US (<a href="" target="_blank">click for screenshot</a>)
* If the field is left empty, or is set improperly, the widget will default to displaying EU data
1. Tap away from the Widget configuration modal
1. You may need to wait a bit for iOS to update the widget
![Screenshot of the widget](
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