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Add some docs on how to run a subset of tests

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- Use filled in star icon for favorite communities/rooms
- Thanks to [@vicek22]( for the contribution,
Developer facing:
- Add some docs on how to run a subset of tests,
# 19.38.0 - 2019-2-27
......@@ -213,6 +213,18 @@ You can look at the [issues labeled with ~"test"](
All unit tests etc can be run with `npm test`
#### Run individual tests
Anything after the `--` is an argument to Mocha itself, see
npm run mocha -- test/some-test.js
npm run mocha -- test/some-test.js --grep "specific test"
# Contributing
We use [git-flow]( Merge requests should be made against `develop` not `master`.
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