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Add docs about no notifications happening on mobile

Related to gitlab-org/gitter/webapp#1846
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# 19.23.0 - *upcoming*
- Add docs about notifications not happening on mobile (Android, iOS),
# 19.22.0 - 2018-10-29
Developer facing:
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**Gitter** menu bar dropdown in the top-left -> **Use Gitter Next**
## No notifications on mobile (Android, iOS)
See [Notifications](./
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## Mobile notifications
### No notifications on mobile (Android, iOS)
When you have a Gitter instance open on a desktop/browser, we don't send a notification to your mobile device to avoid double-buzzing.
We understand this can be unexpected and undesirable, you can track,
## Emails
You can toggle email notifications on and off in the "Configure Defaults" section of the notification modal. There is also an unsubscribe link at the bottom each notification email that does the same thing.
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