Commit 809ebf45 authored by Vijeth Aradhya's avatar Vijeth Aradhya
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Add get_all_media() in MediaEntryMixin

Returns all available qualties of a media with it's dimensions and
resolution label.
parent ae7ebecd
......@@ -249,6 +249,33 @@ class MediaEntryMixin(GenerateSlugMixin, GeneratePublicIDMixin):
if media_size in media_sizes:
return media_size, self.media_files[media_size]
def get_all_media(self):
Returns all available qualties of a media
fetch_order = self.media_manager.media_fetch_order
# No fetching order found? well, give up!
if not fetch_order:
return None
media_sizes = self.media_files.keys()
all_media_path = []
for media_size in fetch_order:
if media_size in media_sizes:
file_metadata = self.get_file_metadata(media_size)
size = file_metadata['medium_size']
if media_size != 'webm':
all_media_path.append((media_size[5:], size,
sall_media_path.append(('default', size,
return all_media_path
def main_mediafile(self):
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