Commit 170cd28f authored by Vijeth Aradhya's avatar Vijeth Aradhya
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Create a seperate test for get_all_media

parent 283043f1
......@@ -561,23 +561,44 @@ class TestSubmissionVideo(BaseTestSubmission):
for each_res in video_config['available_resolutions']:
assert (('webm_' + str(each_res)) in media.media_files)
reason="Dependencies for video not met")
def test_get_all_media(self, video_plugin_app):
"""Test if the get_all_media function returns sensible things
with create_av(make_video=True) as path:
self.check_normal_upload('testgetallmedia', path)
media = mg_globals.database.MediaEntry.query.filter_by(
result = media.get_all_media()
video_config = mg_globals.global_config['plugins'][self.media_type]
for media_file in result:
# checking that each returned media file list has 3 elements
assert len(media_file) == 3
# result[0][0] is the video label of the first video in the list
if result[0][0] == 'default':
media_file = MediaFile.query.filter_by(,
# only one media file has to be present in this case
assert len(result) == 1
assert len(result[0]) == 3
# check dimensions of media_file
assert result[0][1] == list(ACCEPTED_RESOLUTIONS['webm'])
# check media_file path
assert result[0][2] == media_file.file_path
assert len(result) == len(video_config['available_resolutions'])
for i in range(len(video_config['available_resolutions'])):
assert len(result[i]) == 3
media_file = MediaFile.query.filter_by(,
# check media_file label
assert result[i][0] == video_config['available_resolutions'][i]
# check dimensions of media_file
assert result[i][1] == list(ACCEPTED_RESOLUTIONS[
# check media_file path
assert result[i][2] == media_file.file_path
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