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......@@ -13,12 +13,9 @@ from .permutation import *
from .misc import det2
from .triangulation import Triangulation
from .env import curver, sage, surface_dynamics, ppl, flipper, require_package
from .env import curver, sage, surface_dynamics, ppl, flipper, random, require_package
if sage is not None:
from sage.misc.prandom import choice, shuffle
from random import choice, shuffle
from random import choice, shuffle
def ppl_cone_to_hashable(P):
......@@ -186,6 +183,80 @@ class VeeringTriangulation(Triangulation):
colours = [RED if X[e]*Y[e] > 0 else BLUE for e in range(n)]
return VeeringTriangulation(triangles, colours)
def from_square_tiled(cls, s, col=RED):
Build a veering triangulation from a square-tiled surface (or origami).
- ``s`` - a square-tiled surface
- ``col`` - either ``RED`` or ``BLUE``
sage: from surface_dynamics import Origami
sage: from veerer import VeeringTriangulation
sage: o = Origami('(1,2)', '(1,3)')
sage: T = VeeringTriangulation.from_square_tiled(o)
sage: T
VeeringTriangulation("(0,1,2)(3,4,5)(6,7,8)(~8,~0,~7)(~6,~1,~5)(~4,~2,~3)", "RBBRBBRBB")
sage: o.stratum()
sage: T.stratum()
A one cylinder example in the odd component of H(4)::
sage: o = Origami('(1,2,3,4,5)', '(1,4,3,5,2)')
sage: T = VeeringTriangulation.from_square_tiled(o)
sage: o.stratum()
sage: T.stratum()
require_package('surface_dynamics', 'from_square_tiled')
from surface_dynamics.flat_surfaces.origamis.origami_dense import Origami_dense_pyx
if col not in [BLUE, RED]:
raise ValueError("col must be BLUE or RED")
if not isinstance(s, Origami_dense_pyx):
raise ValueError("input must be an origami")
faces = []
n = s.nb_squares() # so 3n edges in the veering triangulation
# (6n half edges)
r = s.r_tuple()
u = s.u_tuple()
ep = list(range(6*n-1, -1,- 1))
fp = [None] * (6*n)
N = 6*n - 1
for i in range(0, n):
ii = 3*i
fp[ii] = ii+1
fp[ii+1] = ii+2
fp[ii+2] = ii
j = N - (3*r[i] + 2)
k = N - (3*u[i])
l = N - (3*i+1)
fp[j] = k
fp[k] = l
fp[l] = j
colouring = [None] * (3*n)
colouring[::3] = [RED]*n
colouring[2::3] = [BLUE]*n
colouring[1::3] = [col]*n
return cls.from_face_edge_perms(array('l', colouring),
array('l', fp),
array('l', ep))
def from_stratum(cls, c, folded_edges=False):
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