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1. Implementation of homology action. The fact that poles are allowed
to be in middle of edges is really cool for homology computation!
However, to drastically simplify things in a stratum such as
Q(1^n, -1^n) one would need to label the folded edges with
bigger labels than the non-folded ones. More precisely,
the current computation carries matrices of size num_edges
but it is possible to carry only num_edges - num_folded_edges.
Currently, the coefficients of the folded edges are simply
set to zero. The main issue for now is to build a correct
good_start because there might not be any non-folded BLUE
before a red.
2. better javascript code for the automaton! Still the scaling
is not wonderful and the automorphism group order displayed inside
the nodes makes it delicate to click on actual node.
1. Discussed how L^\infty Del triangulations behave under
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