Commit 3d026dad authored by Vincent Delecroix's avatar Vincent Delecroix

triangulations method for automaton

parent 9a9e20cf
......@@ -268,6 +268,23 @@ class Automaton(object):
if filename is not None:
def triangulations(self):
Return an iterator over the veering triangulations in this automaton.
sage: from veerer import *
sage: from surface_dynamics import *
sage: A = Automaton.from_stratum(AbelianStratum(2))
sage: A.triangulations()
<generator object __iter__ at <...>
sage: for t in A.triangulations():
....: assert t.stratum() == AbelianStratum(2)
return iter(self)
def geometric_triangulations(self, method=None):
Return an iterator over the pairs (veering triangulation,
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